Advanced threat protection

Advanced threat protection

Advanced threat protection refers to policies and tools that protect your corporate network. It is a security solution that protects your data by a sophisticated malware or hacking based attack. The Advanced threat protection It helps you to catch threats before they disturb your data.

We all use emails, It is one of the most penetrating and powerful ways for communication and collaboration, but it is one of the most prolific attacks which is done by the hackers.

They target users by phishing websites and weaponizing content in order to penetrate your organization.

Sometimes the threats are identified like in the case of ransomware but other time the danger remains undetected and silently move laterally inside your of your network area, and potentially steals intellectual information.

Advanced threat protection

Additionally, they increase in sophistication of these attacks and quickly outdate the protections leaving you unprotected from all the unknown threats.

How Advanced threat protection works?

Advanced threat protection delivers a comprehensive solution for protection, detection, and response. They can protect web, email, files share, points network traffic, and much much more.

You can use ATP just for web or web and email including all the endpoints, files share everything in just one giant well-performing, integrated solution, well backed up by intelligence.

Advanced threat protection detects the potential threat before they access the critical data or breach the system and has the ability to defend against the threat quickly. After this its response to the security incidents.

The ATP offers clear real-time visibility so that threats can be detected before any damages occur, it needs continuous monitoring and checks on the threat.

It provides context for true security protection and allows the security team to identify the threats and problems and respond immediately.

It also provides data awareness because without having a deep understanding of the data, it can be difficult to analyze threats. So for this data awareness is very important.

Benefits of Advance threat protection

Advanced threat protection simply prevents, detects, and responds. As the Cyber attacks are rapidly increasing day by day, we just can trust the Traditional antivirus and this modern world just needs some kind of Advance protection.
benefits of advanced threat protection.

The benefits of ATP are:-

1. Detects threats swiftly:- The main and foremost work of ATP is to detect every type of threat much before it creates any problem to your when you have ATP you really don’t need to focus the problems and instead of this you can focus on your organization.

2. Reduce all the false chores: It helps to prevent all the false fatigue.ATP receives any receipt after all the verification, So there much fewer chances of any kind of error and problem.

3. Adapts quickly: It constantly learns the behaviors of attackers and always keep an eye on them so that it adjusts to reflect the changes in rapidly-evolving enterprises.

4. Systemaizes and plans-It detect every suspicious activity and provides the perfect solution or recommendation for investigation. Also, prioritize your work.

Office 365 threat protection

Microsoft office 365 threat protection is Advance threat protection by Microsoft, which protects your data from threats, harmful links, malware, ransomware. It is a cloud-based email filtering service that safeguards your data.

It mainly provides three features

  1. Threat protection– As this office 365 is itself is Advance threat protection so it is obvious that the first and foremost work is to protect the data from all the harmful problems. It provides you the feature of multifactor authentication or two steps verification, It presents the second form of authentication by sending verification code to confirm your identity before you can access resources.  
  2. Data protection-Data protection in Microsoft office 365 ensures that all the data and information of your organization should be kept safe and protected. It also has a DLP(Data loss prevention) policy that identifies and manages all sensitive information. Exchange online archiving is a cloud-based solution that works with Microsoft office and it provides advanced archiving capabilities.
  3. Device management-Microsoft 365 Business advanced device management features let you monitor and control what users can do with enrolled devices. These features include conditional access, Mobile Device Management (MDM), BitLocker, and automatic updates. With the help of MDM, you can secure or manage your user’s mobile device like iPhones, iPods, Androids, and Windows phones.

How it works

So there some key features of Microsoft office which will help you understand how it actually works:

The ATP Safe AttachmentsATP safe attachments check your all emails and identify if the attachments are harmful.ATP Safe Attachment will scan them and take the appropriate actions according to the policy settings.

ATP Safe Links-It checks the emails and documents before they reach the inbox, they go through the Microsoft office 365 protection. Once the checking is done, you can open the emails, links, or any document. Each and every document is properly checked and scanned.

Spoof intelligence-Large number of phishing is done through spoofing. It is very important to analyze malicious spoofing quickly.ATP’s spoof intelligence lets you specify which entities are allowed to spoof your domains and send emails for you so they won’t be blocked.

This Office 365 spoofing protection has the intelligence to separate legitimate and malicious spoofing effectively, so neither end up in the wrong place.

Anti-phishing capabilities-Whenever emails come in, the machine learning models analyze them and determine all the threats. It considers your email and communication habits for more accurate detection of phishing emails.

Pair Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection with anti-phishing software-Microsoft office 365 Advance threat protection not only works on a basic solution but also gives full-proof protection.


Top Network advance threat protection:

1.Network security(NX SERIES): Then network security very accurately and with a low rate of all false alerts uses multiple analysis techniques to detect attacks. It identifies any misconceptions, malware, and command control by cyber attack infection, compromises, and prevents infiltration phases from occurring. Then Network Security is a very in-charge cyber threat security solution, Which helps the organizations to quickly detect the targeted and advanced aggressive attacks hidden in the internet traffic in an instant.

2.Check point next generation threat protection: It includes two types of software:

  1. Next-Generation Threat Prevention& Sandblast (NGTX) provide us with multi-layered protection from known threats, it protects us with the help of many apps like Sandblast threat, Sandblast threat Extraction, Anti-bot, App Control, URL Filtering, Antivirus a 0-day attack using these awareness gaps are included.
  2. Next-Generation Threat Prevention (NGTP) this also has multi-layered protection from known signature-based threats, includes Antivirus, Anti-bot, App control.

3.Wildfire:It is cloud based service which provides malware sandboxing and fully integrates with vendors on premises.It simplies management and increases scalability .WildFire is tightly integrated with Palo Alto’s NGFW line of firewalls.while ordering a WildFire-capable NGFW you get wildfire public cloud service as an added feature.The price is dependent on the throughput capability of the firewall.

4.Advance malware protection:During any kind of threat attack,Advance malware protection uses all the intelligence with known file signatures and also with Cisco threat grid.Once any file enters your network Advance malware protection watches, analyzes,records all the file despositions.

5. Fortinet Advance threat protection(Fortisandbox):Fortinet advance threat protection is a powerful processing which enables the security you need.Fortinet FortiGate appliances include our proprietary security
processors for network traffic (our NP chips), content inspection
(CP chips), and a combined system on a chip (SoC) to ensure
that all necessary FortiGate security features can be enabled on
properly sized appliances to stop threats seeking entry, from the
smallest remote office to the largest data center and all points in
between. These features include the full next-generation firewall
stack of intrusion prevention, application control, web filtering,
anti-malware, SSL inspection, integrated sandboxing, and more.
Further, our FortiGate virtual appliances have been optimized for
cloud-scale performance in the world’s largest IaaS and PaaS
environments to extend advanced threat protection out to the
public cloud.

6.Mcafee Advanced threat protections:Mcafee Advanced threat protection enables all the malware and immediately converts the threat into action and protection.Mcafee advanced threat protection is an optional module of Endpoint Security that checks your enterprise content and decides the action based on file reputation, rules, and reputation thresholds.ATD works on either a dedicated appliance or as a virtual machine, and identifies sophisticated, hard-to-detect threats. It works by running suspected malware in a sandbox, examining its behavior, and assessing the potential impact the malware might have, on an endpoint and a network.

7.Symantec Advance threat protection:Symantec Advance threat protection is a security tasks and is single unified solution and disclose and systemaizes the advance attacks.This fuses the intelligence from endpoints,emails,network and control points.It can work without the help of agents too.

8.Zscaler’s cloud sandbox:Zscalers cloud sandbox routes all traffic through its software to apply corporate and security policies.Leading analysts are showing enterprises a new way to securely connect users to 
applications and data—a way that looks a lot like Zscaler.

9.Digital guardian advance threat protection:Digital guardian advance threat protection is a software provides the end-user level and in corporate networks, servers, databases, and the cloud.It is designed to stop all the malicious activity and protect the data.This is one of the best software which are used all the world for security reasons

10.Bluecoat Advance threat protection:Bluecoat Advance threat protection provides periodic security reports,contextual reports on threats.It alerts before any attack through email.It sandbox has Ability to Multiple sandbox, OSesMultiple sandbox application versions,Retain Malware samples,Payload detonation and analysis Automtically upload files to sandbox platforms.

11.Advance cloud storage security: Advance Thread protection provide you a cloud seorage security. Generally, It is security who protect to application. In current cloud security there are many currently integration. The list are here

  • IBM Cloud
  • WordPress
  • Acquia
  • Kubermetes
  • WP Engine Rackspace
  • Magento
  • Microsoft Azune
  • Goggle Cloud

12. Scoutsheild; It has work to block other URLs. It works automatically and protects the website. by their AI they attack to directly unknown surface. This is real scouting in the outdoor

The Scoutsheild has operated by these 3 thing:

  • Low Touch Operation
  • Customize integration
  • Network Invisibility

13.Bigswitch networks ATP: Bigswitch is a data center network company. This company was founded by Guido Appenzeller.It’s product is Big Monitoring Fabric; Big Cloud Fabric

14.Cyphort ATP :Cyphort Advance threat protection is another software which helps to protect or safeguard from threat.Cyphort’s product offers integrated product line, and this acquisition could strengthen Juniper’s capabilities in the ATP (Advanced Threat Prevention) space.


As everything is digital now. All the business, organizations are working online so it is very important to have advanced protection for your data and information so we brought some of the relevant and basic knowledge about Advance threat protection.

I hope you got some appropriate information with the help of this blog. Please let me know what are your views on ATP and which one you prefer the most.

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