Best Banks In all over India

Best Banks In all over India
Best Banks In All Over India

The banking and financial sector in India is very strong, which shows how much our country has become developed.

our Indian banking sector consists of 21 private sector banks, 27 public sector banks,

49 foreign banks, 56 regional rural banks, 1,562 urban cooperative banks, and 94,384 rural cooperative banks,

This is the data given by the India Brand Equity Foundation in Oct 2018. and if you want to open Demat account click here …

When all the banks were examined in the banking sector, it was found that

the total deposits which have been increased by 11.66% of CASR…

India is emerging in the banking sector in the last few days, according to the World Bank

The research, it was found that around 51.4 crore people opened their bank accounts in the whole world.

Out of which 55% of bank accounts were opened in India.

it can be seen that the adult people have increased their bank accounts


which has reached 80% in 2019. in 2014 the adult bank account are only 53% in India.

now, these bank accounts are increases with very good numbers. hey if you want to no more about investment click here…

The total number of Total Holders in 2017 was 28.17 crores which increased by 31.44% in 2018.

This data was published by Govt. for more knowledge click on the given link below…

which are the best banks in India:-

if you want to open your bank account you can use these banks which are given in the blog. it is the best banks for you people, you never fell down by these banks.

This is my promise from you people,these banks never let you down by any ways.


the full name of hdfc was (Housing development finance corporation).

hdfc bank was too famous here because in India most of the youngsters open their accounts in hdfc bank the reason was of their best customer services.

that’s why youngsters will attract through hdfc bank and also share experiences with their friends, family.

because of that, the demand for hdfc bank was too high.


hdfc bank has started in 1994 in India, it was a private reputed bank. the headquarter of hdfc bank was in Mumbai.

in India, hdfc generates employment of 90000. there were 4800 branches of hdfc banks in India more than 1200 ATM’S.

the features of hdfc banks are:-

  • it will provide the house loan, Forex card, credit card facility, ATM card facility, house loans, saving account facility,
  • hdfc provides loans on your house assets,and newly provides gold loan.

hdfc also provides (NRI) ACCOUNT for their customers.

NRI account was a type of account. which you can operate in India and abroad too, and on the deposit will not pay any type of taxes if you manage your NRI account in hdfc bank.

some documents required to open the hdfc NRI account.

  • your resident proof it was of India or abroad it doesn’t matter.
  • A photocopy of the valid password should be required.
  • photocopy of the pan card can also require.
  • and your latest passport size color photograph.
  • last thing that requires is demand draft and cheques for an initial deposit.

#2 Axis Bank…

The third-largest bank of Axis Bank India, located in Ahmadabad as a part of the financial services offered by the Unit Trust of India (UTI).Whose name was changed to Axis Bank in 2007.

 It has 4,800 branches, 17,801 ATMs and 4,917 cash recyclers spread across the country as of 31 March 2020 and nine international offices. the head office of the axis bank was situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra…The axis bank has around 1,30,000 employees with it and had a market capitalization of ₹2.31 trillion (US$32 billion) (as on 31 March 2020)…

From 12 Aug 2016 onward the bank has a network of 4,095 branches and extension counters and 12,922 ATMs.this bank has the ATM network among every private bank in also operates one of the worlds largest and highest sites at Thegu… The axis bank has 9 international branches in Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, shanghai,and Colombo…

and representative offices at Dhaka, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi which focus on corporate lending, trading finance, and liability businesses. the bank has a presence in UK with its wholly-owned subsidiary Axis Bank UK Limited…

#3 State Bank Of India…(SBI)

When you think of a bank, the first name comes in the mind was SBI.this bank was full run by the government.


there is no interference of private banks.and headquarter of the bank was in mumbai.

It was founded on June 2, 1806, and is one of the oldest banks in India.

The bank offers a wide range of services, including corporate banking, consumer banking, investment banking, finance and insurance, credit cards, home loans, etc…

This bank is one the safest bank where everything was safe either your money or jewelry. Despite the interest rates being lower than many multinational banks,

SBI’s popularity has not dimmed. sbi bank has also do contribution in the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

#4 Punjab National Bank …….. (PNB)

the (PNB )has a wide range of customers in India almost more than 115 million+ people are customers of (PNB) in all over the world. because (PNB) provides you all types of banking services you their customers are never had to go to another place for banking-related services.

the headquarters of (PNB)is in India’s capital Delhi. the bank supports the mission of prime minister digital India. so that the bank launches the app related to banking-services in the app there are all the details of your bank account and you can know your bank details in your mobile phones by sitting on your home, you simply go to the website of (PNB) and start doing your banking related activity.

the bank see too much hard time because we all know that because of Nirav Modi’s fraud the bank goes on goes on loss. but therefore the bank handles all this and in some year bank was come in the race by their ideas.

because of the bank initiatives, the bank was awarded by the #1 PSU bank in digital services. And again made a reputation on the hearts of our customers

#5 Icici bank…

it was number one biggest bank in India no one can defeat the icici bank because it was very name and famed bank of not only in India but all over the world, it was formed in 1955 at the initiative of the world bank.


Its principle was that it should help finance long-term and short-term projects and support India’s financial development. its registered office in Vadodara, Gujarat, and corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The bank has a network of 5,275 branches and 15,589 ATMs across India and has a presence in 17 countries.

The subsidiaries of icici bank :

Domestic Banks

  • ICICI Prudential Pension Funds Management Company Limited[37]
    • The ICICI Securities Limited
  • ICICI Securities Primary Dealership Limited
    • The CICI Venture Funds Management Company Limited
  • ICICI Home Finance Company Limited

International Banks

  • The ICICI Bank Canada
  • ICICI Bank USA
  • The ICICI Bank UK PLC
  • ICICI Bank Germany

With the mobile app of ICICI Bank, you can fill your mobile bills, electoral bills and they also sat at home. You do not have to go out to pay the bill if you have a mobile app at ICICI Bank. You will do this work immediately and easily, that too, because of this you will not have to go to the electricity department to pay bills.So you must download ICICI mobile app

In current days, ICICI Bank thought a lot for its new customers: and they were also new to their customers, they took a new scheme and good discounts for there customers.

ICICI Bank has pioneered many technological innovations in the industry – Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Tab Banking, and Fully Automated Touch Banking. Carrying forward the aim to deliver an exceptional banking experience to its customers.

The banks are awarded by many awards like BFSI Leadership Summit & Awards, First runner up for ‘Best Bank’, EFMA Awards…

Total assets: ‎₹1,007,068 crore (US$140 billion) Net income: ‎₹6,709 crore (US$940 million) …
Industry: ‎Banking, Financial servicesRevenue: ‎₹67,803 crore (US$9.5 billion) (2019)
Icici bank…


So the conclusion of this blog is that Banks is a very important place to keep your money and invest. But we should know everything about every bank, we cannot invest our money without having any knowledge.if we do this we lose our last always try to know everything about the banks, their work, features after that invest your money.

The banks which are given in the blog, these are trusted banks you can easily trust them and invest your money without having any hesitation.these banks are running for a very long time and are trusted by generation by generation…


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