6 Habits that can transform your life do before 8 am

6 Habits that can transform your life do before 8 am
Habits that can transform your life before 8 am

6 Habits that can transform your life. habits are much more important parts of our life. Habits show our behavior. we give you 6 Habits that can transform your life.

“You’ve got to wake up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction”


Every day you wake up in the morning and have to face the same universal problem i.e to overcome mediocrity and live to our full potential. It’s the greatest challenge in human history-to rise above our excuses, do what’s right, give our best and create the life we truly want -the one with no limits, the one which very few people live.

Unfortunately, most people never even come close. Approximately 95% of our society settles for far less than what they truly want, wishing they had more, living with regret, and never understanding that they could get what so ever they wanted.

If you are here today, reading this blog and trying to get out of this mediocrity and want to make the best of your life than you are truly ambitious and in the right place. This post is all about transforming your life miraculously into the most extraordinary life you’ve ever imagined and based on the book “MIRACLE MORNING” written by Mr. Hal Elrod.

Before starting ask urself and answer-Why did you bother getting out of your bed this morning? …Think for a second. Why did you wake most morning? Why do you leave that warm, cozy bed? is it because you want to because you have to get up anyhow after it is morning?

Most of the people wake up with low energy, with the lethargic body and have to drag yourself out of the bed anyhow because you have reached somewhere or have to do anything, we do this or if you don’t have any reason to wake up then we just hit the snooze button and start sleeping again. Every time you hit the snooze button, you’re in a state of resistance to your day, to your life, and waking up and creating the life you want. Think about the negative energy that surrounds you when you begin your day.

Many people who suffer from depression report that the morning time is the most difficult. They wake up with dread. It becomes a cycle, waking up with despair, spending the day continuing to feel that way going to sleep feeling depressed, and then repeat.

Have you ever think of changing your life and living to your fullest, Of course, you did but there is something which comes in between and just not let you reach out there. When you see the people who are excelling in their area that you’re not, it must seem like they have got it all figured out, like they must know something which you don’t know because if you knew it, then you’d be excelling in that area too.

Most of us don’t actually know what’s our potential and what can we do with the help of it. We often are frustrated with ourselves, lack of consistency, motivation, etc. We spend too much time thinking about action but don’t ever take those actions.

Your life is actually made up of PIES ie physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritiual parts that make up every human being. As your inner self actually creates your outer world.By focusing time and effort each day and developing your PIES and constantly becoming the better version of urself.

Time to save the life you deserve to live

You must prioritize and dedicate each day to your personal development.Enter THE MIRACLE MORNING LIFE S.A.V.E.R.S-a set of six simple,life changing daily practices which can enhance yourself at every level and help to become the best version of yourself.”When you change you change your inner world i.e your life,then your outer world i.e your life situation will improve in parallel.Here are the six powerful,proven self development practice that will attract the powerful forces which already inside you and will help you to create the most extraordinary life.


Lets start with “S” first,

1.Silence- Habits that can transform your life.

Silence Habits That Can Transform Your Life
Silence Habits That Can Transform Your Life

“You can learn more in an hour of silence than you can in a year from books” -Mathew Kelly

Silence is the first and most powerful practice that can improve your life in this world of noises and stressful life. For most of us, the best words to describe our typical morning would be the rush, hectic, stressful, chaotic, etc. Do you really want that type of words to describe your morning or will prefer the words like calm, peaceful, happy, satisfied, cleared mind, which is the best, obviously the second one?

Silence is one of the best ways to immediately reduce stress while increasing your productivity and self-awareness, gaining clarity about what to do the whole day, and how to accomplish your goals.

You can do this practice in many ways like Meditation, Prayer, Deep breathing, Gratitude. Meditation is one of the best ways to start your morning. The essence of meditating is simply being aware and focusing on your thoughts, on yourself. There numerous health as well as spiritual benefits it.

In the beginning, you may find some difficulties while meditating like your mind can start racing here and there or you can’t sit for a long time but that is okay just start doing it from 5 minutes and just try to watch your thoughts, see what is your mind actually thinking, don’t try to control your thoughts but just watch it and after sometime when you will try to watch, you will find that your mind is already blank, without any efforts. There also another way to do it i.e simply watch the process of inhaling and exhaling.


AFFIRMATION 6 Habits that can transform your life
AFFIRMATION 6 Habits that can transform your life

“It’s the repetition of affirmation that leads to belief.Once that belief becomes a deep conviction,things begin to happen”


Affirmation is a word or phrase which is repeated to declare our feelings or certain beliefs. Your self-talk has a dramatic influence on every aspect of your life. Your affirmation is either working for you or working against you. So why do we let it work against, everyone has lots of thoughts every time running in their mind, it is positive or negative and very few people only decide or chooses positive thoughts over negative one, and others just starts depreciating themselves.

We’ve all been programmed at a subconscious level to think, believe, and act the way we do. Our programming is actually based on our good or bad experience in life, on what we have told from starting and what a surrounding shows us, most of the time it limits our thoughts and just leave a bad impact on ourselves, it’s all because of our programming

So if we don’t this it will crush our creativity, potential and limit ourselves with fear, insecurities, and our past limitations but we can change our programming and reprogram ourselves to overcome all the fears and insecurities, etc. You can use affirmation to reprogram yourself to be confident and successful in your life. If you affirm daily with positivity and write out then you can easily reprogram yourself and can get the condition which you always wanted.

Now you can choose positive affirmation like “I attract positivity” and then write it out and repeat it daily in the morning, you can do this in front of the mirror and say it loudly. But remember just repeating the words is not enough, you need to feel those words and then say it, Feeling plays a very important role in affirmation. If you don’t have any emotional feeling connected yo it, It won’t work.


Visualization habits that can transform life
Visualization habits that can transform life

”Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable,but rather what is impossible.And by visualizing the impossible,they begin too see it as possible”


It is also known as creative visualization or mental rehearsal refers to the practice of generating positive results in outer world by using your imagination to create mental pictures of your specific behaviour occuring your daily life.Creative visualiztion enables you to design the vision that will occupy your mind ensuring the greatest pull on your future.

You simply have to visualize your success,the work you have to do for achieving your goal like visualizing yourself doing very hardwork,working day and night,the day when you will achieve everything you ever wanted,visualize it and just live that feeling emotionally.

There are some simple steps forVisualization that will help you:

1.Get ready-Take a comfortable position where you will not get disturbed and then close your eyes,clear your mind,and get ready to visualize.If you want to thenyou can play any soft music too.

2.Visualize what you really want-The deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond the measure.Its a our light,not darkness that frightens us.We were born to make manifest glory of god within us.Just know who you are and what you can achieve.

3.Visualize who you need to be and what you need to do-Once you’ve created a clear mental image in your mind then now it time to action and really work on it.After affirmation,visualize yourself on place you want to,It really helps, just believe and try.


exersise 6 Habits that can transform your life
exersise 6 Habits that can transform your life

“If you don’t make time for excercise,you’ll probably make time for illness”


Morning exercise should be a staple in your daily rituals.When you exercise for even few minutes you just boost up your energy level in the morning itself which not let you feel tired whole day.

If you don’t have much time for it then its not necessary to do a proper 1 hour exercise,you just can do atleast 10 to 20 min if jumping jacksand that’s it.

Yoga would be the best exercise to start your morning with It is multi-faceted science that has application for the physical,mental,emotional and spiritual aspects of life.A well rounded yoga practice can enhance your life in so many ways.So try Yoga and experience the best out of yourself

5.Reading- Habits that can transform your life.

READING 6 Habits that can transform your life

“A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read”


Reading is the fast track to transform in any area of life.It is one of the most immediate methods of acquiring knowledge.The best benefit of reading book is you can learn from those who have already done what you want to do,Don’t reinvent the wheel.

I recommend making a commitment to read a minimum of ten pages daily.Before you read any book ask yourself why you are reading this book-what do you want to gain from it-and keep the outcome in your mind.Also commit to yourself to complete that book.If you really don’t like to read then just start reading with minimum 5 pages and then slowly increase the numbers.


scribing Habits that can transform life
scribing Habits that can transform life

”Ideas can come from anywhere and at any time.The problem with making mental notes is that the ink fades very rapidly”


Scribing is just another word of writing.It is actually Journalising.By getting your thoughts out of your head and putting them in writing,you gain valuable insights you’d otherwise never see.

Now you must thinking what exactly to write in your journal,Here are some points which can really help you while journalising;

*GRATITUDE-Express gratitude for everything you have.In our life we just focus on things which we do not get and not even thinking about what we actually have with ourselves.,We must focus on the things we have and be thankful for what you have because there are alot of people out there who are really trying hard for achieving the things you already have.so start your with writing the things which you are grateful for.

*YOUR GROWTH-Write about your goals,what you want to achieve ,Actions plan and everything you want to,When you write all those things you can have a sense of clarity in your mind.You can capture all your ideas and also acknowledge your progress,It’s wonderful to go back and re read you journals entries from a year ago and see how much progress you’ve made.

Now this were the most powerful 6 habits that can transform your life before 8am.You can try and apply it if you really want to achieve great success in your life.Go for it and change your life.

All the best.

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