How To Being Humble With Everyone

What is mean by Humble

Humble means not thinking that you are better or more important than other people or never feel that ” I am the superior”, which means if you have these types of an attitude than you are not a humble person.

I don’t how you came to this blog but if you are still reading than its shows that you want to make a change in yourself, In fact, congratulation you started to take the first step to improve your nature.

Why you need to be Humble?

Is it important to be humble? Why we can’t live everytime like dominant person? let me remind you that we are mortal being, one day we all have to die, we can say that we are born to die. We all have some limited time between this period ( from when we born to from when we die) and and between this time we have Purpose, ambition s, some dreams and a happy life. But deep down in heart we don’t want to die.

We have the fear that after death a certain amount of time the world will never remember us which is true also. Our body can’t be immortal but our identity can be. Now also there is some legend who is not with us but every person knows their name like Abraham Lincon, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. Now the question arises what makes them great? So, the answer is your humbleness, your behavior.

What Humbleness do for you

If you start to be humble with others. It will make a great impact on you as well as other’s life. We are dependent creatures. How much we will go far in life is dependent upon how others support us. If you want that people will love you they admire you. then it is important first you love them, firstly you admire them because what we give to the world will give us.

There is a great line from a great book. The line is ” True humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less” From ” Alice in the wonderland” If we talk about humbleness it will reduce all negative impact from your life. According to the Bible God gives us a strength to be a humble person

Here are some benefits of being Humble that will going to change your life.

1) Ultimate freedom: humbleness give you relief from all stress and worries. Living without fear is still a dream for many people. Fear makes you limited, it will stop u from living a happy life. Have you ever think of how fear develops inside us… When we are doing something good or bad to others we know that karma will work as a result of what we are doing today we have also face it in future. So it is the reason for fear.

2) People give respect to you: How you behave with people, people will also behave with you. If you are started to be humble then you will be loved by people. you can’t beg for respect and praise. The truth is you have to earn with your ability, mindset, and behavior

3) Being more helpful: The humble person is more helpful than an egoistical person. Just think for 2 minutes if you have two people the one is who always talks about himself, who is interested in that which is related to him and the second one is who is willing to talk about yourself who is appreciate you who is more loyal with you. Now tell me who would you choose. Obviously the second one is more helpful. At this present time everyone loves helpful and honest people. Even the robber and thief also like honest people. So try to be being helpful for other.

4) Self Control; Life is all about control if you have control on yourself so you can easily control your life. But why self is control is so hard. Because all type of negativity and distraction you lost your control. Negativity and positivity both come throuh your senses. But with relax mind and humble nature it is extreme easy to control yourself. Everyone has a different meaning of their distraction. But generally what took away from your goal and purpose that everything is distraction. According to research with the help of relax mind you are more willing to take best decision about youreself

5) Help to become a great leader; Leadership is all about how your behavior if you will force to anyone to work according you than he/she will can’t give the best performance. But you know how to convenience them to work according themselves than people will know you as a great leader . How to manage and behave with people is an art. This art is also develop by you understanding and on how you are behaving with other. According to ” How to win freind and influence people” You have to find just what other people need instead of what you need.

So above there are 5 benefit of being humble. Have you ever observed no one like to talk about your problem your interest. What people want from you? your stories or your problem or how you struggle in your life ? No one is interested in other one. Just people want that the other one have politely nature just be humble. That’s enough for your better life.

Self Esteem Vs Humble

Self Esteem means having a faith in yourself, Having a respect for you whereas humble means is never have a low opinion for other. This sound similar, But let me clear you Humble doesn”t means to underestimate yourself. Self esteem is a faith and humbleness is a a part of behavior

Steps to beIng Humble

1) Be grateful for what you have: We many of us the feeling of gratitude. It is the reason for we don’t have the feeling of satisfaction. Just count what you have. Humbleness comes from gratitude. Nothing is permanent what you have it is for limited time so be grateful when you think like this automatically it will remove your egostical side.

2) Practice for mindfulness and focus on present: To being in present is like a meditation. To know about yourself is a pert of meditation. Meditation and consciousness help to increase your understanding. You mightly observed that the people who are meditatior he never use to be angry or to be a stress person. you also have to start doing meditation it has a lot of benefit.

3)Spend time to listening other: We many of us a dismerit that we can’t listen to other. we can tolerate to other. Once Chanayka said “Once you learn how to listen than you also know hot to tolerate other people”. listening to other is a sign that you care for them again karma applies they will also stated caring of you.

There are very few simple technique to make great impression to other. Once you started this all thing than you will have a quality life


These blog is not about only some tips and tricks is is about understanding. Now a days everyone( exception are always there) have different prespective . Their thinking start from material thing and end on material thing. It is true that we lived in material world and achieving the thing is a port of it. But apart from these what you can earn except money.

Just take a time and ask yourself what you leave as a legacy .What you think what people will tell after you leave the world. In the end the people will only remember your behavior, your humbleness and the truth is these all thing will make your immortal identity. Life is too short so just spread for love and positivity. I would like end this blog with a great quote which is written by Stephen Vincent Benet.

” Life is not lost by dying, Life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways”

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