how to use hosting Raja in word press?

how to use hosting Raja in word press?

hey, guys, is you are in the blogging field then definitely you all will also very well known about hosting. domains etc. hosting raja provides India’s best word press hosting.

by telling mere about hosting raja I think that you will have to aware of web hosting what is web hosting why is it needed. what is his work in blogging etc?


I will define the web hosting by giving the example. suppose you enter in blogging field and you can buy your own website. domain, and then you can start doing blogging on it. you can regularly update your website by writing blogs on it. can you ever think where those data will be collected?

how the people see your blog who will show your blogs to the people, this work is done by the hosting.

hosting provides you the personal space where your data was secured. 24×7. you only have to post a blog and the next step was done by your hosting.

IS web hosting is important?

yes, web hosting was the essential part of blogging without hosting you can’t do blogging properly. without hosting you don’t have space where you can do blogging. and upload your posts.

so it was the most important part of blogging. and if you are in search of the best hosting site then you will have to buy your hosting from hosting raja. because the main features of this hosting are that your website did not take too much long time in loading. you can not face the problem of hanging while blogging. almost it will give the best user experience to your users comes on your website.

hosting plans of hosting raja?

there are Manley 3 categories comes in hosting raja hosting plans.

1. gold plan

in this you will enjoy these plans of hosting raja.

120 Gb web space
100 GB bandwidth
250 emails
unlimited FTP account
unlimited subdomains
5 websites
c panels
SSL certified included
drag-drop site builder
high priority support

only in just rupees 161 per month. this web hosting is best for the corporate websites.

2. silver plan

100 GB web space
20 GB bandwidth
50 emails
10 FTP accounts
5 subdomains
3 websites
SSL certified included
drag-drop site builder
high priority support

this silver plan was come in the rupees of 85/ per month. an this was best for the small business website.

3. word press silver

1 Gb ram for word press
up to 20000 visitors per day
CPU Power |||
250+ WordPress theme
loading time 3 seconds
unlimited SSD disk space
SSL certified included
unlimited bandwidth
10 emails

this plan has come in rupees of 149/month. and it was best for the blog websites. who can update their website regularly?

so guys this all are the plans which were provided by the hosting raja. if you want to take hosting for your website then go to hosting raja.


at the end of the post, I think you people like it. and in last I will suggest that if you want to buy any hosting plan then please go to hosting and take your web hosting from there. because the most important thing a blog wants is hosting if your hosting is good then the difficulties of the visitors to your website is also gone be less. and they will enjoy reading your blog post so always remember to take the best web hosting for your website to give the best user experience.

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