How Typing Jobs From Home Can Increase Your Profit!

How Typing Jobs From Home Can Increase Your Profit!

Are you looking for typing jobs or you need some extra money? Typing is the best option for earning money and if you are thinking that why i am prefer as a best option so the answer is here.

Benefit of typing jobs

1 ) typing job will pay atleast $5 $10 per hour in your starting time. And when you become experienced then you will get more money

2) you don’t need any qualification for typing just start taking action. The other party dont want your theoretical knowledge they want your work.

3) you don’t want go anywhere you can easily work from your never will feel hesitate because you don’t have to work of anyone presence. So it is one of the reason why it is best option

Requirement need for typing jobs

For typing jobs atleast you need good typing speed. Now the question arise how much the speed will be called good typing speed so the answer is  60-70 word per minute(wpm).

In typing jobs you need efficient typing which will provide accuracy and also you need a great focus

You also need a updated computer with good internet connection because many work you have to do online.

Now let us discuss about

Top 6 typing jobs where you can earn money.

 Amazon Mturk:

Amazon Mtrunks stand for Amazon Mechanical Turks. If you will talk about he potential of amazon mturk so it is totally depend upon your potential. there is no limit of work as well as money. It is not available on any particular area or any country you can do from anywhere from the globe. The official website of amazon mtruk is

It is one of the best platform for freelancer. The bet part about this it don”t  have any subscription fees it only take $0.01% of your project which is not a big amount.


Talentdesire is not only for typing you can also earn money as a tutor. Talent desire has a fixed potential which is  Up to $6 to 300-word per  project. It is not for any particular area or country you can do from anywhere in the globe. The official website of Talent desire is    

if we talk about the payment so in 2020 the company pays round $3 per 300 words for typing projects. There are lot of pro typer are available who is earning $27k per year.. The best part about Talentdesire is there is multiple option are available for extra income.


In clickworker you need to do a typing job but you have to do works like Data entry jobs and other micro works. Like amazon m trunk it also have any limited potential it is totally depend upon you and your project. There are very rare website are available where there is unlimited potential. It is not also available fr some particular area or country. Doesn’t matter where are you right now you can do easily your work from you home only.  if you also want to get a job through clickworker so you have to visit on the official website of clickworker which is

Clickworker is one of the best platform for paying the good amount to freelancer. Right now the clients of clickworker is available on more than 136 countries all over the world. For applying there is a very simple process for get a job through clickworker. the payment is depend on you project which you are going to choose. So go and join the team of 1.5 million clickworker


In lionbridge you have to do work like data entry,Transcription, Interpretation, Website Testing etc.. If we talk about the potential of lion bridge so its totally depend you and your project which means it has unlimited potential. It also don’t have any restriction of location it is not made for any country or continent. It is available for all over the world. In lionbridge the income will fixed according to your project. If you want to visit the official website of lionbridge so the link is here                    

According to sources it is one of the oldest company in data entry industry.Now it has the branch or the part which we known as Smart crowd.  We all have heard about smart crowd now smart crowd also focus on data entry industries. The final payment will set on your project. In 2020 they have the minimum payout of approx $25 to $30

Gorge Warehouse:

In Gorge Warehouse you need to do data entry job and customer support. Gorge warehouse has a limited earning potential you can earn Minimum $10.50 per hour. Like other platform it is not have unlimited potential but the good thing is it don’t have any restriction on location it is also not  made for any country or continent you can easily do from your home.The official website of gorge warehouse is

In gorge warehouse your typing speed should be atleast 30 word per minute (wpm). There is also other lot of option are available on but for that advantages you should have sufficient  knowledge about software like MS Word and MS Excel. As we mentioned above you need a good computer setup with a high network connection. In gorge warehouse if you are a new employess so the company will pay you around $10.50 an hour. As you become trained or old employee you will get more in comparison to your initial time.

Capital Typing:

In capital typing you will get job like data entry,Transcription, Translation etc. There is very rare field where you will get the job of translation. Because somewhere it is also the part of typing. If we talk about the potential of capital typing so it totally depend upon you and your project. You can do the job from anywhere the world. There is no any boundation of locative work. It is available on global level. The official website of capital typing is

Capital typing provided their service since 2002. They also known for their great ethics and culture. The capital typing is not only provide the part time job but they also hire the people as a full time job. The final payment for each project varies according to its difficulty level.


In this blog we had tried to provide typing job information. Typing is the best option so go for it. If you had any doubt or confusion so please tell us in comment. If you want some other job like this so there are lot of option are available you have to visit here


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