List of best motivational speakers in India

List of best motivational speakers in India
List Of Motivational Speakers In India

List of best motivational speakers in India. their are many motivational speakers are motivate us. we all read and listen motivational speakers. they are motivate us.

Many people want to read list of best motivational speakers in India. we collect the best motivational speakers in India.

We all sometimes go through a phase in our life where we feel very lonely. We don’t understand anything at that time, what is right and wrong, we feel very stuck from inside.

At that time, we need a lot of emotional support, we need someone who can guide us. They can tell us that what we are doing is right or wrong, we can tell its benefits and losses.

But now we are very afraid to share these things with our family and friends, we do not understand whether it would be right to share our problems with them or not.

But in today’s digital world you do not need to take this tension, how to remove your troubles. You don’t need to tell anyone else how you are feeling from inside.

Because there are lots of motivational speakers in India who listen to your problems and give you the best solution. You know why a motivational speaker gives the best solution to your problems because he listens to similar problems of many people like you.

And to a large extent, they also keep themselves in your place and think. they know better the problems faced by Indians and for obvious reasons.

If we go to search on YouTube, we do not know how many Motivational speakers will be found, whose number of fans is in thousands. The list of Motivational speakers will not be over. So we have brought you information about some famous and popular Indian motivational speakers. They all are highly regarded, and some of them even have millions of subscribers on their respective YouTube channels.

best motivational speakers in India

1. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is the biggest motivational speaker of India and has more than 13 million fans on youtube. the people of every age will come to attend and here Sandeep Maheshwari’s motivational seminar.


because the people will interact with them and he only takes those examples which bare happen in our daily life routine so that the audience will also feel too much comfortable too here him.

At the age of 26 Maheshwari was in great trouble due to loss in her business. and struggling too much in his life. so he decided to share the struggles of her life with others.

when Sandeep Maheshwari was struggling with life he finds that the models were also been exploited in industry. so at that time, Maheshwari was deciding that he will do some for the models. so that he launches the biggest image collection of Indian pics of models to help then. the app name was image Bazar.

2. Vivek Bindra…

he was known for their motivational speeches. and a leadership trainer, he ha more than 1500+ clients spread over 25 countries, he also working towards empowering Indian business by giving millions of solutions for every situation.

his case Study was totally based on the real-life experiences. he was awarded in 2016 by the Dr. Marshal goldsmith at world HDR congress. for the best leadership trainer.

he was also too much famous in youtube and have more than 12.7 million subscribers. and for listing Bindra’s concert there are millions of people who will come to the concerts.

3. Dr. Deepak Chopra

one of the biggest trained Dr. of Delhi he was a trained physician and in 1980 he became chief of staff in new England memorial hospital .

but in 1985 he met the spiritual guru maharishi Mahesh yogi and involved in the transcendental meditation movement

then after he will resined from their position and work for the Maharshi Ayurved health center.

and in 1993 he will become famous and because of his book Oprah Winfrey show. after his interview on his book.


he will get a lot of fame and after that, he starts writing. and after that, he left the movement of the maharishi transcendental meditation movement.

become the executive director of a sharp health care center. for the mind and body medicine. and in 1996 he will become the co-founder of Chopra center of well being.

he also started a youtube channel of the motivational speech channel name the Chopra well.

4. Yogesh Chabria

Dr. Yogesh Chabria was come in TOP 10 best motivational speaker of India because of his real experiences which happened in his life as an entrepreneur.

he faced too much hard time in his childhood. when he went to live in Iran when he goes to school because of his family’s financial condition he will sell cloths for their living. at the theater of 14, he starts selling the products to door to door.

after that Chabria was discovered Transcendental Meditation. and become a member of the chicken soup of the soul.

by his speaking ability, he starts spokes on the top CEO’s royalty, billionaires, and also celebrities along with million people.

he was also a regular consultant of times of India, CNBC. and many more companies.

and he also started a new youtube channel which got fame in a very short time

5. T S Madaan

Tarvinder Singh Madan is one of the top motivational speakers in India, he is a motivational speaker, sales trainer, and life coach in India. They are capable enough, they know what they have, everything remains clear in their mind, what they have to do.


Ts Madan is not just a motivational speaker, he is also a much better actor whom people love a lot. Their sessions are very amazing, in the course of their sessions, Madan makes people laugh, they also do comedy and give lots of information to people.

Their contents are very full of information and they use Hinglish language in their sessions. Hinglish language is the combination of both the English and Hindi language.

His clients are in pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, life insurance, retail and many other companies.

He also have a youtube channel where he was followed by more than 8.73M peoples.

6. Priya Kumar

Miss Priya Kumar is India’s youngest and influential motivational speaker. Priya Kumar was born in Chandigarh but now she works in Mumbai.

An international publisher addressed Priya Kumar saying that “when Priya Kumar speaks, everyone listens to them”. The clients of Priya Kumar’s have included in the biggest names of India like Airtel, Colors TV and Bacardi too.

She is a very good selling author and along with her, she has written many books, which includes The Calling. Priya Time to Time keeps posting on her YouTube channel so that she can stay connected with people.

She talks to people about the several seminars, conferences, and events.she has almost about 72.7K subscribers on youtube.

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