Property Management Company and software

Property Management Company and software

Do you also want growth in the field of Real Estate? Today in this blog we are going to Know everything about Real Estate or Property Management company. So Let’s start…

First of all, you need to understand what is the meaning of the term “Real Estate” or “Property Management”. Generally, Property means land and building or any materialistic thing the same meaning also has of real estate but it has some side of the business.

The real estate means when a person was doing a business related to land and Building is known as Real Estate.

Types of Property

The property was divides into three parts:-

Public Property:

Public Property refers to that material thing that is dedicated to the public. For eg Park, Libraries. It is only used for the public and is the responsibility of the government to provide this facility. In public Property, no one can do their business without the permission of the government. So it is not a part of real Estate and Property Management. But if anyone wants to know which one is public property and which is one not so you can easily visit your country assessor office. You can also find a map and the information related to Tax.

Private Property:

Private Property refers to those material things which is owned by a person or individual institution. In private property, there is no right to govern. The Right of Private Property is have to that owner. The owner can give this rent or he/she can sell that particular property without any permission. The owner can also start real Estate Business. Private Property is best for business purposes. With the help of Private Property, you can use it as also a mortgage, after all, it’s yours.

Collective Property (Cooperative Property):

It is a group of people who want to achieve their common goal in this process if they need property, So that property known as Collective Property. Collective Property is best for Real Estate or Property Management

Best part of Property Management Company

If we talk about Role of property management so conscious or unciousuly it will affect in your personal life

Role of property management in your personal life: You Should Know that a successful Property manager never depends upon a single income. They have multiple sources of income. In property management, you don’t need to give your full time so you can also create different sources of income if you want.

It is not a Fly by Night scheme. You have to be patient and invest your essential time in this field. Now the time technology makes it easier than ever before. If you want to do stuff related to transaction or payment, you can do also in a second with your mini computer ( Mobile phone) which means you can achieve more doors with less effort.

The best thing about real estate is that rental properties available everywhere which means it has a great scope and in the future also people need rental properties.

Rental Properties are a tangible investment that you can control. Like other investments, you don’t need to handover your risk. It totally depends upon you. It is physical; assets with real returns.

Licensing Of Property Management Companies in different Countries


In Australia, Every state has mandatory rules that they need a proper license. But this rule is not to apply for South Australia. For South Australia, you must be registered as a land agent. The purpose of the License is to stop the illegal work and also help For renter as well as owner.

In Australia, if you know about the information related to License So you have to visit the National Tendency Information Centre of Australia who carries out the all details.


In Canada, each territory makes its own laws.

Canada its provincial Responsibility. In Canada, the laws related to property management are governed by English common laws except for the province of Quebec.

The British Columbia, the license is operated by the BC Real Estate Council (RECBC). The (RECBC) agency is established by the government of provincial in the year 1958. They took the responsibility of providing the license to Brokerage and property manager.

In Ontario, there is no need for a license because the Association of Condo Managers of Ontario (ACMO) is capable of providing designation and certification to its member who is also a member of the Real Estate Council of Ontario(RECO). There are two more states where you need a license that is Saskatchewan and Alberta


In Hongkong, there are two companies that take care of license service. The two departments are Property Management Companies (PMC) and Property Management Practitioners( PMP). They have the right provide according to Chapter 626 of the laws of the hong kong


In India, there is no boundaries or limitation related to Property management or real estate. In 2013 The bill was passed by Union cabinet but it has no more effect. So finally the point is there is no restriction on property management, It is one of the best countries for Real estate.

How do you get into property management Company?

There are various steps for Property management you have to cross many steps to get into property management. So, here are some few steps

Fulfill your legal requirement: First and foremost thing if you have to make a career in this field so you have to fulfill your basic legal formalities. As we told you there are different rules of property management in different states even in a different country. So do according to your laws.

Acquire some knowledge related to property management: well, a high school diploma is enough for property management. But apart from that we personally recommended you some courses which are available on youtube for free. So here is the link to go and learn it for free.

Obtain Specialized Certification: If you are going for working in the under of any person so the certificate can help you. Let me clear there is a huge difference between property management license an property management certificate. One is a permit from our state laws whereas the other shows that you are qualified. There a lot of institutes who provide you certificate

Get ready for your first property manager job: Once you get the offical certificate then it will be going to very easy for u to find a job. you can search online it will save you time or you can visit many websites also who providing a job.

Make sure that you are visiting the job list daily when you apply for it. The second option is to contact the agent. This agent can help you a lot you just need to give their respective charge. They can easily provide you information related to the interview.

The third and last option is to use your own network. Lets your friends and your contact know about your work. Mouth publicity is the best advertisement ever you have a chance to get some link from your contact also. Don’t miss any opportunity.


You should know that the property management company plays an important role in the field of business. It is one of the highest revenue paid company. Just you need the right mindset and basic knowledge related to this field to enter the property management company.

So here is some topic which we have tried to cover in this blog. After reading this I hope you understand we put the tittle Property Management Company Has The Answer To Everything

If you want to know more about related to property management. So here are some Articles which will introduce to you another side of this field and also you will able to know the scope of property management.

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