Why Is Online Home Based Teaching Jobs So Famous

Why Is Online Home Based Teaching Jobs So Famous

Do you love online home-based teaching jobs or you want to be a teacher by profession but due to some reason or some problem you can’t go for offline
So in this blog, we are going to discuss online teaching jobs.
First of all, let me clear may be in this blog we are not going to discuss only schools or college teaching. We are human beings if we want to grow in our life there is a lot of way of teaching. We can learn on every walk of life so why we can’t teach at every step to anyone

There are numerous ways for teaching but in this blog, we are going to discuss only 2 platforms or websites and apart from this are you searching for some other jobs so once you have to read this.

So the first one is


Udemy is an online learning platform where students can learn related to their studies. Not only studies there are a lot of skills that are available in marketing, management, etc. In short what you know our in which field you are perfect you can teach and you will also pay for your work from udemy. Now udemy becomes such a big platform. It employs a large level. Basically udemy play as a role of mediator between teacher and student

How to apply for udemy as a teacher

1) Find out the topic on which you are going to create courses: the first and foremost thing you have to choose your topic. In udemy, you have to make a full course in which there is a lot of video and explanation through the article also. For finding the topic you have to lot of research you need to find out the student interest
2) asses the competition: After selecting the topic you have to do more observation as you can. By observing your competitor you will get a clear vision and also you will find the requirements of your course’s quality. So learn from everyone. Try to acquire more knowledge as you can.
3) Don’t forget about the udemy requirements: As we mentioned above udemy is a big platform and it also becomes a mediator between teacher and student. So udemy also has its terms and conditions and requirements. Make sure that your work is according to udemy.
4) learn about more udemy creation: There are a lot of videos available on YouTube. As a fresher, you need to learn everything about your work. So again try to acquire more knowledge from multiple sources. So, we recommend you go and just watch the video and read the article related to Udemy creation
5) make a plan: planning is an important part of anything. Now you had to watch the video. Now make a proper plan of your course. In short make content. In every field content is King. So you have at least a worthy content otherwise your work is not going to give you results. So make sure your content is a useful or are you providing the best knowledge to the student or learner
6) set up your video setup: Now it is the time to take action. Just try to make a good video. For making the best video you need a camera, mic, light, and a good mindset. There is also a lot of videos is available for how to make a proper teaching video. If you want to become the best teacher then you should be the best student so learn from everyone and just make your video
7) Create a course: After making the video you need to arrange it. You have to arrange in such a manner that people can understand easily your concept. You have to arrange sequence wise like first you need to put the introduction then basic after that you have to cover the hard topics. In the short just focus on root after that, you can put your advanced topic.
8) start creating the sales; if you don’t have any student in your initial Time. Now you have to take the help of social media. Only at your starting time, you have to do some stuff once you get the student so you don’t need to do anything. Just focus on your content everything will be going to find it will take time but it will grow.
9) get ready to publish: Now it is the last process of your work. You have to visit on and you have .to publish here. You can easily upload your courses.
10) Be ready for failure, repeat and promote: if you are doing something good or great so you have to face the failure. It is not one time process. You have to be consistent. After a lot of failures, you will achieve the success


Master class is an American online learning platform where students can get a lot of courses and classes. According to the masterclass, the teacher is a master of their respective fields. So if you also want to do a job as a teacher so make sure you are best on your subject. The masterclass was founded on October 2014 and the founder of the masterclass is David Rogier
Aaron Rasmussen. The official website of Masterclass. As a teacher in the masterclass, you have to provide the videos, workbooks, and exercises. If we talk about the period and quantity of video so there should be 15 to 20 videos in which you have to cover on approximately a 2-hour video. In Masterclass, you can teach any topic or subject like there are also classes of writing, politics and social, etc so it depends upon you. MasterClass won two Webby Awards in 2020.

Like udemy, you can visit masterclass websites and easily apply for masterclass instructor but there is more restrictions on a masterclass as compare to udemy


So in this blog, we are tried to provide the information about udemy and masterclass. But we focus more on udemy in comparison to masterclass because there is not a lot of difference between online teaching platforms just you have to understand the basic concept of an online learning platform.

So tell us according to you which is the best udemy or masterclass.

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