Part-time jobs in Delhi without investment with a good salary?

Part-time jobs in Delhi without investment with a good salary?

If you live in Delhi And if you want to live a good lifestyle, then you have to do a part-time job with your job for extra money. And if you talk about part-time jobs, then there is no shortage of this in Delhi. You will get a part-time job anywhere, but if you want to do your part-time job sitting at home. So you have come to the right place in this blog, I am going to tell you about some such part-time jobs in Delhi. Whom you can do sitting in your house and you can earn a good amount of money in the month and you can also make your lifestyle good.

If we ever talk about doing a part-time job at home, then there is only one job in our mind and that is it. Freelancing, blogging, digital marketing, etc.
But today I will tell you about some such jobs from which you can earn good money sitting at home without doing much work.

Graphic designer job:

  1. graphic designer jobs are one of the best jobs you can do as a part-time job, in this job you will have to make visual content for the community massage. By using heredity and page layout techniques. It, not matters that you made it from computer software and from your hand. You can earn more than 30000- 50000 per month for this work.

Wants a graphic designer.

Data entry operator:

  • data entry jobs are the most common and profitable part-time job not only in Delhi also all over the world. You only have to upload the company’s rough dates on the computers and if you are in search of a data entry job in Delhi.

Typing work home-based job:

  • it was the easiest and profitable part-time job. You only have to give you some amount of time to it and you can earn a great price for that, all you have to do in this job is that you have to write an article on the given topic and also given a period of time to the customer.

 Part-time lady receptionist:

  • this job is for the ladies who can read this blog post. It was now days become too common all the hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals want the lady receptionist for the work you all have to do in this job is that you have good communication skills. You also be attractive. And you will also have to quardinative. If you are in search of a part-time receptionist job in Delhi.

Online teaching:

teaching or online teaching is one of the respected and satisfied part-time jobs because by teaching students your teaching skill, thinking skill, reading skills, was going to be developed. And you can also earn a great amount by teaching few hours if you will give your 3 to 4 hours daily, then you will earn 15000 to 30000 depends on the number of students you will think.


it is also the best part-time job option for you. Anyone can start youtube Easley by doing a few steps. You only have to think about the topic at which you have to make your videos and the next step is to make your own YouTube channel. And start youtubeing. And after some time you can earn a satisfied amount from this.


it was also a little bit the same as youtubeing you all have to do in this is you have to make your own website start writing an article on it. And if you write a friendly and genuine article then you will rank on Google and after some time you can see that you will earn a great amount from it.

 Insurance agent part-time job:

this is also a fast-growing sector. Because our new generation will never forget to get the insurance of then self or insurance of their appliances. So the scope of this job is also too high. You all have to want to join this job is you will have to clear the exam of (insurance license exam) and then you are eligible to become the insurance agent. The starting of this job is a little bit tough but when you become too much pro. It’s gone to be easy for you.

Amazon, Flipkart affiliate marketing

the affiliate marketing of Amazon and Flipkart was not that much easy you will have to do in this job is firstly you will have to connect with Amazon and Flipkart affiliate program then after they will give you the link of the product you will have to sell then if anyone will buy the product from your given link then you will get the commission for that.

Online offline training:

if you are good at any subject then you can also give the training to that. to the peoples and earn money Easley. If you want to give online training then you will also make an online course of yours. And if you want to give an offline course then you can also give it to the public. From your own. And for the training, you can also earn a great price.


if your passion is photography then this is the best part-time job for you. You only have to do is that you have to purchase a camera for photography and start clicking photos of the peoples. You can also earn from your pics by sending or giving the quality pics to the TV channels, for example, you can send the pics of the animals and the pics of nature to the discovery channel and for that, they will pay you and your pics was also used in the TV channels.


These are some jobs which you can do as a part-time and earn a great amount. For your pocket money. Nowadays part-time jobs become a trend a college students were doing part-time jobs for pocket money. So why not you.

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