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Paytm for business full details step by step

Everyone uses Paytm to make payments. It is not a matter of paying offline or online. Currently, if a customer buys a product near his shop. This customer wants to makes payment by Paytm.

So you as a merchant you should understand the importance of Paytm business. Use the Paytm business to grow your business and make a good trust level with your customer.

Paytm launched its Paytm for the business mobile app for the merchant. By this app, the merchant can take payment. The Paytm app is available in 10 regional languages, including Hindi and English.

Benefits of Paytm for business

If you will register with Paytm for business. Then you can take payment from your customer in many ways.

1.If you run a shop in an area then you can take payment by QR code.

2. If you are run your eCommerce business then you can also take payment by Paytm integration.

3. The trust of your money security in the Paytm business is 100%. Your customer also trusted in your business if you use Paytm business because of everyone trusts on Paytm.

4. Paytm does not take any charge for taking payment by Paytm business (by QR code).

Generate QR code by Paytm business.

If you are users of the android phone then you can download the Paytm for Business by playstore.

After filling KYC form in Paytm for Business app you can download your unique QR code with your shop/your name.

By this QR code, you can take payment from your customer. The best things of Paytm business is Paytm never charges you if you take payment by QR code.

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