Property Management Software- Solution for the landlord?

Property Management Software- Solution for the landlord?

In this blog, we are going to discuss property management software. On the last Blog, we had discussed Property Management. So If you don’t know about the property management so this is the link. Now it is a one-step forward about property management. So let’s understand what is mean by property management?

As you know that it is the time of the online era so as result the real estate or property management becomes online. You don’t need to visit there you can also receive your payment in a second through mobile. o There is some software that is only used for property management work.

Before going to discuss some property management software we need to understand this.

What property manager do for you?

Basically, the Property manager handles your every work related to your rental house or places. From tenant to receiving rent, we can say that they are like a mediator between the owner and clients. They also take care of your vacant places etc. So, these all are the thing what they can do for you.

How to choose property management software?

The Right software can take your business to the next level. But many of you have a lot of problems to choose The right property management software. So here are some tips for choosing for property management software

The Software must be cloud Based: Now here is the question arise what is mean by cloud-based. so cloud means you don’t need to install anything, whatever you are doing that will available through life. So it must be cloud because it will save your lot of time and when it is connected to direct internet its become too easy to use and it will also secure your data.

The software must be provided the communication services: It is one of the important thing on your software. It become extreme easy to handle your business when you can communicate with your customer It is also save your time and the best part is you don’t need to you call everysecond to your cutomer

you must be very clear about the price of your company : When you are searching for rght softwarethan make sure that they dont have any hiddden price because sometime the company offer you software at some fixed priced but after a certain amount of time they iform you that your charge is only availabe for this unit user. So do lot of research. in thisprocess thr review can help a lot. Read a lot of opinion and review than after make a decison to buy it

Make sure that your software have Online payment method : In 2015 there a lot of companies who don’t have online payment method system. In this business the every step you need to do your transaction. Ys we know that there a lot of option to do online payment like Paypal etc. But they take charges for your charges. So why anyone would choose if the property management software have tese type of option

Check it you accountibility system: Before putting any information related to your business in sioftware. Make sure that your accounting works properly afterall every software is manmade so it happen sometime tohat some stuff is not working prperly.

So In above section there are some tips for choosing the best property management software

Now we are going to discuss about some best software

Top 5 property management software where you can get a free demo also.

: It is an American software company which was founded in 2004. The main headquarters is situated in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a private company.
The best feature of Buildium is

  • Automatically Bank Reconcilation
  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Online Rent Payment
  • 1099 Efiling
  • Account Payable


It is one of the easiest software to use as comparison to other. What make special about that it have a lot of modern facilities If we talk about feature so here are some feature

  • ​​Track income ​and expenses
  • ​​From here you can collect easily your rental. Income. Through your customer
  • ​​It also provides you the service to find your tenant
  • You can collect your application in a second
  • The best part is you can also take lease signature by using this so software
  • It provides you the service of communication where you can easily make contact with your tenant and owner​
  • It provides you Unlimited document storage where you can save all the data.

THMS Hotel

THMS is best for hospitality and hotel service. It is verified by software suggest
It has a lot of feature like

It has a good Accounting process

It has a database backup/restore which make very easy to use

It also has a facility of Financial Management.

HR & Payroll

Inventory Management

Front Office management

They provide you House keeping in their service

There is unique Laundry Management in THMS

Just like this there are many facilities like,Banquet and conference Management,Property Management, Food and Beverage Costing, Reservation & Booking, Maintenance Management and Administration, Sales and Marketing, Messaging System, Lead Management, Point of Sale (POS), Online Booking, Billing & Invoicing, Reservations Management Maintenance Management, Loyalty Program


It is founded on 2006. It is public type It is a software industry. The founder of appfolia is Klaus schauser Jon walker. The main headquater is situated on Goleta, California, United states. According by 2017 the revenue is 143.9 million. The feaqture of apfolia is

  • It will maintance tour contact entre
  • It has available training and support
  • It will provide you rental comparison tool
  • It will help you in revenua management
  • It provide you vacancy Dashboard
  • It will provide you Online rental portal
  • Just like these there are many facilities are available like Security, AP Approval Process, Automated late fees, Holding Deposit, CAM Tracking and Reconcillation, Bulk Tengant Charges, RUBS etc

MRI Software:

It is a private type company. It is founded on 1971. The main headquater is situated at cleveland,ohio ,USA. If we talk about its product so broadly divide in three part Property management software, Real Estate Accounting Software and Investment Management Software. There are 1600 active employees in MRI software.

  • It has Billing and Invoicing option
  • It has commercial Leases
  • It provide Contact Management
  • It provide you Residential Leases as well as Retail Leases.


So here are we discuss about some best property management software. We hope that you like it. If you know Basic of property management and property management company so you have to read this( link)

And please tell usin comment, according to you which property management software is best and obivously why..


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