Proven strategy to wake up early in the morning without an alarm

Proven strategy to wake up early in the morning without an alarm
Proven strategy to wake up early

A Full proof strategy to wake up early in the morning.As you have heard “Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise”.so if you want to become healthy,wealthy and wise then it is important to wake up early.

“If you really think about it, hitting the snooze button in the morning doesn’t even make sense.It’s like saying ‘I hate getting up in the morning ,so I do it over,and over again”


Most of us,have to face problems waking up in the morning and unable to really make it out anyhow,but do you know what, it is just not you who don’t likes to wake up in the morning but there are alot of people out there with the same feeling as yours.

Everyone loves the feeling of having woken up early but don’t really likes to waking up early.Understand it in this way that,we don’t like to do exercise and go to gym but all of us love the feeling of having gone to gym and having that personality which we get after doing exercises and all.

Now for most of us,whenever the alarm clock sounds every morning,we are woke up from dead sleep.Leaving all the comfort behind because we have to,although nobody really wants to wake up this soon,tell me one thing, how do feel when alarm clock rings….? Irritated, frustrated etc etc. isn’t it? Don’t worry it is so normal.

Above half of the population in the world have to face same problem and feel dreadful while waking up in the morning.

First of all,It is really important to understand that why you have to wake up early .If the the reason is clear in your mind then it will really help you.Everyone wants to be successful in their life and what does success actually means to you or anyone.It must name,fame,money etc.but most important one is your health.

If you are healthy you can earn name, fame, money and everything you want and if health doesn’t accompany you then you can’t ever get any of this. So if you are healthy then success is with you, else you know very well. For being healthy you have to wake up early in the morning and do the things like jogging, exercising, meditating, walking in the park and feel close to nature, reading or anything, which is good for your mind as well as your body but it is really sad that people feel it very late in their life and at that time they just regret and think ‘I should have done all this thing before’

But the challenge you have to face in waking up without snoozing is how do you give yourself the motivation you need to wake up early and create the extraordinary day, and when you wake up motivation level is so low that you can’t decide anything else rather than hitting the snooze button.

Before starting anything let me tell you that is, all the decisions, and everything just depends on your thought process, on your subconscious mind. While going to sleep at night if you think that you have to wake up early and you are already worried about it, then definitely it will work according to your thoughts. Now you must be thinking that then what should you do and want a proper strategy to get up early and just create the extraordinary life you ever wanted to, so let me help you with this.

The answer for this is simple,do one step at a time.Here are some of the best snooze proof steps to making waking uo in the morning-even early in the morning-easier than ever before.

proven strategy to wake up early in the morning
proven strategy to wake up early in the morning

1.Set your intention in the night itself

Just remember this everytime, that “Your first thought in the morning is usually the last you had before you went to bed”

So how you feel in the morning is only according to your thought at night.Let’s understand this with an example that whenever there is something special next day and we are so excited for that like may be picnic,any festival or your birthday,starting a new job,first day of your college or going to a vacation then hardly we can sleep that night because of excitement and as soon as the alarm clocks sounds,you open your eyes with enthusiasm and excitement to get out of bed and embrace the day.

On the other hand,If your last thought before bed was something like ‘shitt….I will get only six hours sleep,I m going to be exhausted in the morning!’ then your first thought then the alarm goes off is likely along the lines of “Oh my gosh,it’s already been six hours?noooo! I just don’t to wake up.So the key is to consciously decide every night to actively and mindfully create a positive expectation for the next morning.

2.Move your alarm clock across the room

If you keep your alarm clock close to you or your head and haven’t already, move your alarm clock as far away from your bed as possible then you really have to think about it.when you keep your alarm away from your bed then this forces you to rise from the bed and engage your body in movement.Motion creates energy,so when you get out of the bed it naturally helps you to wake up.If your alarm is close to you then you are still in partial sleep state when the alarm goes off and it makes much more difficult to wake yourself up.You yourself can probably relate to rolling over -still half sleep and turning the alarm clock off without even realizing that it went off.Simply forcing yourself to get out of the bed to turn off the clock will instantly take your wake up motivation.

3.Brush your teeth

Now you must be thinking that how brushing your teeth is a step to wake you up in the and how it will help you.So let me explain you,the point is that you’re doing mindless activities for the first few minutes and by simply giving your body time to go to the bathroom sink to brush your teeth and splash some warm or cold water on your face.This very simple activity will increase your wakeup motivation level and really help you to just break that sleepy feeling.

4.Drink a full glass of water when wake up early

It’s important that you hydrate yourself first thing every morning.After six to eight hours without water,you’ll naturally be mildly dehydrated and dehydration causes fatigue.Often when people feel tired-at any time of the day-what they really need is more water ,not more sleep.

Start by getting a glass of water and drink it as fast as it is comfortable for you.The main motive is to rehydrate your body and mind as fast as possible,to replace the water you were deprived of during the hours you slept.So drink more and more water as you can,this will really help you in waking up.When you drink a glass of water and hydrate yourself,your wake-up motivation level increases.

5.Get dress in you workout clothes

Last but not the least,get dressed in your exercise clothes,so you’re ready to leave your bedroom and immediately engage in working out.Most of the people prefer to start their day by jumping into shower but taking shower after working out and by breaking you sweat first! Morning exercise is crucial to maximizing your potential because it puts you into a peak mental,physical,and emotional state so that you can win the day.

It takes about five minutes to execute these five simple steps,and when you do, your wakeup motivation increases from level 1 to level 6 (Out of 10).It requires much less discipline to stay awake in the morning.Try and make the commitment at the time your alarm clock went off.

Keep in mind that although this strategy has proven to be work for thousand of people.Feel free to add to or customize your snooze proof wake up strategy,It’s all about having an effective,pre determined,step by step strategy to increase your wake up motivation level in the morning.Don’t wait to try this! Start from tonight itself by Bedtime affirmation,moving your alarm clock across your room,setting a glass of water in your nightstand,and committing yourself.


Here are some of the famous strategy which is mention in the book of “THE MIRACLE MORNING” which is actually the best selling book and some of the famous people like OPRAH WINFREY,ROBERT KIYOSAKI,JEFFREY GITOMER etc have recommended for this book and this strategy. I have tried to cover the bestest resources possible and provided the full proof strategy.I

f you have really decided to wake up early and bring out the best version of yourself then first let me tell you this is really appreciable and can be one of the most important step in the way of transforming your life,Now just don’t procrastinate and wait for anything else,just start practicing this proven strategy and accomplish your goals in life .Create your life as you always wanted to and live your dream.


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