How to stop yourself from Stop thinking start doing

How to stop yourself from Stop thinking start doing

How to stop yourself from thinking and start doing.  Stop thinking start doing is very important for a successful person.  you need to know about Stop thinking start doing if you want success in your life because every successful person uses this method. you can not achieve anything through thinking but you can achieve the goal by doing.

 “Start where you are

Use what you have

Do what you can”

There are many almost qualified people, but there is one success ingredient often missing; that is the ability to get things done, to get results. Our mind is full of thoughts and every day our powerful mind creates a lot of ideas, these ideas are like a seed which springs up in our mind but unfortunately most of the times this seeds doesn’t even grow and the reason why it dies is because of that idea isn’t followed up.

Excellent ideas are not enough. An only fair idea acted upon and developed is 100 percent better than a terrific idea that dies because it isn’t followed up. So Stop thinking start doing.

Each and everything we have in this world from all the biggest inventions like a rocket from which can go to the moon, to the small little daily household things is just an idea acted upon. A lot of people wait until everything is 100 percent favorable before they take action. Perfection is highly desirable. But nothing man-made or man-designed is or can be absolutely perfect. So to wait for the perfect set of conditions is to wait forever.

There are specifically two types of people, the first one is the person who thinks and completes his desirable tasks and the second one is who thinks but unfortunately has to face some kind of problem in between and this problem could be anything. Nobody wants to be like the second one but deep inside we all know that we do procrastinate to take action, to change the tremendous idea into reality.

The time to act is actually when you are ideas are hot, your emotions are strong, that is the perfect time when you can start. If you wait and overthink it then it is never going to complete. You can think and plan about the ideas but let me clear you first that there is a big difference between just thinking and proper planning. If you don’t plan immediately the law of diminishing intent to come into play. The ideas start diminishing in your brain only if it is not acted upon. If you want to have a big supermarket and you don’t have enough resources right now then just start by selling a basket of fruits but just start it anyhow. Otherwise, this law of diminishing starts playing its card and the wisdom is wasted, the emotions are passed.
The least action, the smallest action is important.

Here are the two things to do to help you avoid the costly mistakes of waiting until the conditions are perfect before you act:
1. Expect future obstacles and difficulties: Every venture presents risks, problems, and uncertainties. Let us suppose you wanted to drive your car from your home to any place you want to, but you insisted on waiting until you had absolute assurance that there would be no detours, no motor trouble, no bad weather, no drunken drivers, no risk of any kind, when would you start?
Never! In planning your trip it makes sense to map your route, check your car, in other ways to eliminate as much risk as possible before you start. But you can’t eliminate all risks.
2. Meet problems and obstacles as they arise: The test of a successful person is not the ability to eliminate all problems before he takes action, but rather the ability to find solutions to difficulties when he encounters them. In a business, marriage or in any activity cross bridges when you come to them.

Put these two thoughts deep in your mind. First, give the value of your idea by acting on them. Regardless of how good idea, unless you do something with it, you gain nothing. Second, act on your ideas and gain mind tranquility. Someone once said that the saddest word of tongue or pen is these:  it might have been. A good idea if not acted upon produces terrible psychological pain. But a good idea acted upon brings enormous mental satisfaction.

Use action to cure fear and gain confidence. Here is something to remember. Action feeds and strengthens confidence; inaction in all forms feeds fear. To fight fear, act. To increase fear-wait, put off, postpone.

Now I can explain to you with the help of an example. A young paratrooper instructor explains, “The jump really isn’t so bad. It’s the waiting to jump that gets a fellow. On the trip to the jump site always try to make the time pass quickly. It’s happened more than once that a trainee thought too much about what may happen and panicked. If we can’t get him to jump the next trip, he’s through as a paratrooper, instead of gaining confidence, the longer he postpones the jump, the more scared he gets. Waiting even makes the experts nervous.

A humorist once said the most difficult problem in life was getting out of a warm bed into a cold room. And he had a point. The longer you lie there and think how unpleasant it will be to get up, the more difficult it becomes. Even in such simple operation as this, mechanical action, just throwing off the covers and putting your feet on the floor, defeats dread. The point is clear. People who get things done in this world don’t wait for the spirit.

Try these two exercises:

  1. .Use the mechanical way to accomplish simple but sometimes unpleasant business and household chores. Rather than think about the unpleasant features of the task, jump right in and get going without a lot of deliberation. Do this today: Pick the one thing you like but you do least. Then, without letting yourself deliberate on or dread the task, do it. That’s the most efficient way to handle chores.
  2. Next, use the mechanical way to create ideas, map out plans, solve problems, and do other work that requires top mental performance. Rather than wait for the spirit to move you, sit down, and move your spirit.

Here is a special technique guaranteed to help you. Use a pencil and paper. A simple pencil is the greatest concentration tool money can buy. With a pencil and paper, you can tie your mind to a problem. When you write your thought on paper, your full attention is automatically focused on thought. That’s because the mind is not designed to think one thought and write another at the same time. And when you write on a paper, you”write” on your mind, too. Tests prove conclusively that you remember something much longer and much exactly if you write the thought on paper. And once you master the pencil and paper technique for concentration, you can think of noisy or other distracting situations. When you want to think, start writing or doodling or diagramming. It’s an excellent way to move your spirit.

Grow action habit

Practice these key points:

  1. .Be active, someone who does things, Be a doer, not a don’t-er
  2. .Don’t wait until conditions are perfect. They never will be. Expect future obstacles and difficulties and solve them as they arise.
  3. .Remember, Ideas have value only when you act upon, alone ideas won’t bring success.
  4. Use action to cure fear and gain confidence. Do what you fear, and fear disappears.
  5. .Don’t wait for the spirit to move you. Take action, dig in and you move the spirit.
  6. .Think in terms of now. Be an “I am starting right now” kind of person
  7. .Pick up the ball and run. Show that you have the ability and ambition to do
  8. .Get in gear and go!!
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