Why is everyone talking about Timesjob?

Why is everyone talking about Timesjob?

Today is the time of online generation. What we want to do, we immediately visit the online website. The same rule also applies to employment. Now In 2020, The employment is on the peak and you know what, it will be always on the peak because of excess population and minimum startup. So there is a lot of competition for not only job is also for finding a job.? Okay! So here in this blog, we are not going to talk about the problem, we will find the solution.

Have you heard about any website who provide you job just like Naukri,com,monster.com, http://career jet etc . There are some website who become the mediator between people and company. If the company want to hire someone than they upload the detail of that particular job. As similar this process the people who want job so they can easily their upload resume for the job. So this is the process How this type of website are worked.

So, Now the question arise which website is best and why?

There is a lot of website for finding a job. There are also some best websites like Naukri.com etc But there is some website who is best for some particular job or there is also website which is an allrounder. For eg Monster.com is best for High position or international profile jobs whereas naukri.com is for all designation but it is a little bit expensive in comparison to others. In this blog, we are going to discuss The website which has all qualities Which is Time Job.

Time Job: Introduction

It is an Indian website that promotes the job of other companies and helps unemployed people. It is the platform where people get jobs and companies hire those people. it is owned by times group. If we talk about the time group then the time group in India one of the largest media companies. the C.E.O of the company is Raj Jain. The headquarters is situated in New Delhi. It is founded in 1838, Mumbai. The total Employees are in times group is 15,000+. It is founded on 1838 Mumbai and the total net income of Times group is INR (US$99 million which is 681 crore in rupees.

The product of times gropu is

  • Crizbuzz
  • Gaana
  • MX portal
  • Radio
  • Film
  • Web Portal
  • Broadcasting
  • Publishing

Basically the time’s job is Job search engine website. The main source of income or revenue of times job is Banner ads, Referral marketing, and advertisement.

Times job.com has three industry by they operating the whole industrygTechGIG.com in IT Industry:


it is a technology which have competitive programming and it is owned by Times Internet. It is available in only english language and founded in 2010 (10 year ago) Techgig’s Headquater is situated in gurgoan, India. All Company have some Key People so in Techgig the key people is Satyan Gajwani, (Vice Chairman) and gautam Sinha (CEO). It belongs to Competitive Programming Industry,

In 2017 the techgig mention there name in Guinness World Record because it is been declared The world largest event. The code gladitors also won for two times the Limca Book National Record in 2015 and 2016

Retailer Association of India

It is an indian trade association and it is the Non Profit Organisation. It is operated directly by Indian Retailer. It is found in 2004. The main headquater of the company in Mumbai, India. The chief executive officer is Kunal Rajagoplan and the chairman is B.S Nagesh. In every company there is the Board of Directors . Sp here BA KodandermaSetty, BS Nagesh Kishore biyani, Neol Tara Shashwat Goenka And Vinay Nadkani are the board of Director. Basically, The main work of Retailer association of india is sharing a knowledge related ro India retail Sector

Advertising Jobs

This job is are different from other jobs because it has so much potential rather than other jobs. Because this industry has a million-dollar business. sp that’s why this job has potential/ Nowadays advertisement become an important strategy. Advertisement, says an important role in the growth of the business, Advertisement job has attracted the attention of time jobs. we know the purpose of these jobs but do you know how ads influence us. If we watch a thing much time then it becomes the observation which means it feeds in your mind. And you have to buy product sometimes because of the command directly from your subconscious mind. Did You know that one of the biggest and richest industries is the advertisement Industry? In time hob you can get many jobs related to advertising. In fact, you can find an unlimited job related to some big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

There are a variety of of jobs are available but they are broadly divided into many parts.

Marketing jobs :

In this, you will get Job-like Account Executive, Advertising/ Promoter Manager, Brand Manager, Copywriter, Media planner, Production Manager, Market Research Analytics. etc. Now the question arises how many you will get in Marketing jobs. so here are some examples like, In Advertising Manager, the annual salary is $1 16,100, the Public Relations Manager in this annual salary is $126,200. There a different salary depends upon the job. If you also to do a job in management so you need some mandatory skills like Interpersonal Skills, Teamwork management Organsitional ability skills, IT-related skills, creativity, Good pronunciation as well as writing skills.

Jobs in finance:

In this you will get job like Financial Planner, Financial Analytics, Investor Relation Associate, Budget Analyst, Accountant, Credit Analyst in which the salary for Financial Analytic is $85,600, Accountant Average Salary $76,200 , Financial Examiner salary is $ 76220 etc

Telecom Jobs:

In this you sector you need a lot of skills Like Value-adding and certification, Types of soft skills, CLoud computing skills, Programming Language. The on-time job you will get a daily update job related to the telecom sector. FOr Frehfer telecom is the best sector to start the job. telecom Industry pay to fresher Rs 8000-RS 15000 after a certain time of period they paid 20,000 to 30,000.


So in this we discuss about the opportunities are available in time job. You can find the job in time job. It is genuine and trusted website. You can easily update relate to that job.

So pleas tell us in comment which job you would like to do??

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